The Business Portfolio

Synergy is key to AGILE’s brand. It thrives on cooperation, support and trust – attributes that AGILE brings in its relationship with its seafarers and clients.

In this frenzied freight market, doing business with a medium-sized company like AGILE is an advantage. AGILE can adjust its fees and other manning costs to help its clients survive the ups and downs of the industry. It can tailor-fit its systems and processes to be in-sync with its clients. It can make employing Filipino officers and ratings an easy experience.

AGILE’s most valued asset is its high caliber officers and skilled ratings. Maintaining 90% retention for the past years is indeed a proud achievement given the stiff market share competition.

AGILE developed crew-friendly processes to enable its crew on vacation to spend quality time with their families. AGILE makes its crew feel that they are part of the growing AGILE family.