AGILE Maritime Resources (AGILE) was established on the 15th of March 1995.

Over 25 years of experience in ship manning and crew management shaped AGILE into a nurturing organization, sensitive to the needs of its seafarers and their families and looking out for the interest of its clients – the shipowners. Ever-adaptive to the rapidly changing business horizon of the global shipping industry is what makes AGILE a reliable partner.

AGILE’s excellent work ethics and drive to deliver world class standard of service to its clients are central to its enduring relationship with its German principals, spanning a period of 24 years. A 90% retention rate of its manpower pool is AGILE’s proud achievement. Long running relationship with its German clients and high crew retention rate are telling indicators that AGILE is indeed a nurturing organization.

AGILE’s reputation as a reliable supplier of Filipino seafarers has spread to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. AGILE qualified as a recruitment service supplier of the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) in Abu Dhabi. It recently bagged contracts with one of the biggest shipowners based in Odessa and a Japanese company operating bunker tankers in Saudi Arabia.

AGILE takes seriously its corporate social responsibility. It goes beyond extending its hand to help the victims of calamities with their most basic needs; but more importantly, it helped the victims rebuild their lives and their communities . It supports shelters run by non-government organizations for street and abandoned children. In its own small way, AGILE keeps the flame of hope burning in the tender hearts of these children.

Hands holding agile word in balloon letters


AGILE is not only the short name of the organization – it is the accurate description of  the Team that drives it.

The Team is a happy mix of a handful of Baby Boomers, a sprinkling of Gen X and a bucketful of millennials. The diversity in generations is what adds flavour to its  dynamic character.

The Team is driven by a common spirit – the passion to deliver world-class service to its clients and seafarers. It is client-centric, goal-oriented, pro-active and reliable.