Feb 22, 2022

Drexler Dogwe Drexler Dogwe

I am just an ordinary aspiring seafarer who graduated from a dying Maritime Educational Institution. I was not given any quality education about the profession that I entered. As such, my application for any job is a gamble.


But maybe it is my destiny to meet and know AGILE Maritime Resources Inc., it is because I was hired at the first try that I applied after two years struggling to find a company. This is the company that gave me my first experience regarding my profession and taught me the real work that I failed to learn from school.


During the duration of my first job, I was able to learn many things through the assistance of my officers and crew. At times, I want to give up because I really do not know my work but their kindness, understanding and support made me finish my first contract.


But what I am most thankful is when I was immediately promoted from position of deck cadet to fourth officer in my second contract. I was grateful that my efforts were seen by the company and its officers allowed that I stepped up in a higher position. I am still learning and still very eager to learn about my profession they this company that molds me. Such, I am promoting its mission and vision to my colleagues in the profession. I am also upholding its advocacies and continue supporting the services it offers to us, seafarers. Lastly, I hope to stay and learn more about maritime resources through AGILE Maritime Resources Inc.