Feb 22, 2022

Emmanuel Ocampo Emmanuel Ocampo

I have never seen myself working with Agile before, but one of my old colleagues told me to visit the office in Makati, and it was not easy applying for a trainee since I was not competent enough back then. As a catering cadet since June 2018, I was responsible for all the kitchen works and cooking for the employees and officials. Then I met Atty Imelda Barcelona, a woman who is so strict and a perfectionist, who never fails to point out my mistakes and never stops correcting them in a proper way. One thing that I will not forget was when she discussed then she listed on the white board all of the mistakes that I have made and she explained to me how I can perfectly improve them. Hence, I will never forget that day and I will always instill in my mind all the lessons that I have learned from her and with Ma'am Star who is handling the catering cadets. Moreover, I was able to practice my profession when I first join Cordula Jacob then Nell Jacob and lastly Nordic Bern where I always do my best to show all the learnings I have gained from Attorney. Now that I’m on my fourth vessel, I may say that with Agile, you are not a simple seaman worker but they really value the potentials of their employees. Proud to say… within 3 years, they appreciate my experience and now I was promoted and will join Nordic Geneva from a Mess Man to Chief Cook. I am thankful to all of the operational team who valued my work, Ma'am Star, Ma'am Marga, and especially Atty. Imelda Barcelona.


I am wholly grateful for what they have given me and I will continue to prove that the trust that they have vested in me will be worth it & successful and will not be wasted. Thus, I would to say the through Agile, small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step in your life.